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What is Matterport?

Matterport is a powerful 3D camera that collects accurate visual and spacial data to map entire areas.  A matterport 3D space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real world location.  The space can be navigated on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

How is a Matterport 3D space different from a traditional virtual tour?

A traditional virtual tour is a gallery of stationary panoramic photos. Traditional photographers use DSLR cameras to capture mutiple photos which are then stitched together to form a panorama.

Our Matterport cameras capture real 3d data in which the result is a “textured mesh.” A textured mesh is a dimensionally accurate, 3D map of a space that is characterized by a set of polygons onto which colored textures are overlaid. The spherical 2D photography that the camera collects is then projected onto the textured mesh to provide photographic visual quality within the 3D space.

The technique of combining 3D and 2D data sets creates a realistic sense of movement as the models are navigated because of the use of the textured mesh during the transitions between spherical photographs.

Which browsers are compatible with Matterport 3D spaces?

Matterport 3D Space works on any browser that supports WebGL – the modern standard for 3D content on the web. A Matterport 3D Space works with all major browsers, including:

  • Firefox 4 or later
  • Chrome 9 or later
  • IE 11 or later, with Windows 8 or later
  • Opera 12 or later
  • Safari 5.1 or later, with OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or later

To check if your browser supports WebGL, visit get.webgl.org.

Can I download the Matterport 3D space?

A Matterport 3d space has its own unique file format that must be used online. For this reason, they can not be downloaded.

However, there is a free iOS app available that allows you to download Matterport 3d Spaces and view them offline.

Review & Reputation Management

What is review and reputation management?

Review and reputation management is essential to the success of your business online. Protecting your reputation isn’t just about getting more positive reviews, by preventing or cleaning negative reviews, you can help drive your business forward to a profitable trade.

What if my clients don't leave a review?

If your clients don’t leave a review, we’ll prompt them with friendly reminders.

How will I know when a new review is posted?

We provide review monitoring and alerting. Know about your reviews as they get posted so you can CELEBRATE positive reviews and RESPOND to negative feedback before it does harm.